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Holt China Program's Photolisting: Confidentiality, Terms and Conditions

Upon entering this page, I agree to keep confidential the information, photographs and videos of any child pictured on this website. I agree to not publicly post information about these children and understand that sharing child information without the written consent of Holt's China program staff is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. I understand that Holt International Children's Services may use its discretion to discontinue a relationship with me resulting in, but not limited to, revoking my access to Holt photolistings.

After accepting this confidentiality agreement, you will be automatically re-directed to the Holt China Program photolisting, which features some — but not all — of the children from China who currently need adoptive families. (Many children referred to Holt never appear on a photolisting as they are matched too quickly with families.) Please contact Holt at 541-687-2202 to learn more about our China program and to confirm your eligibility to adopt from China.
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