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China Photolisting

Pictured below are just a few of many children still waiting to find families through Holt's China program.

Children on the photolisting are in the 'Special Focus' category and may be matched with a family who can submit a dossier to China within six months.

Why Choose Holt?

  • Holt pioneered the process of partnering with Chinese orphanages, and we remain a leading agency with close to one dozen orphanage partnerships countrywide.
  • Holt receives as many as 400 child designations from China each year.
  • Holt also receives child referrals from the CCCWA Shared List.
  • Holt is the only agency with more than 30 dedicated staff in China working directly with orphanages to provide services to thousands of children in need.
  • Holt families who have applied may review child information for children featured on the photolisting.  They may also be considered for the many children not pictured here. 

New to Holt?

Holt values the privacy of children awaiting adoption and we only post information online about children who need extra help finding families. To uphold those values, we require a paid Holt application to review child files. This approach not only helps to protect children – it also lessens their wait time by limiting child review to only those families who are moving forward with an adoption from Holt's China program.

Interested in learning more about Holt's China program? Click here to attend an upcoming Adopting from China webinar. For information about the application process, please contact a member of our team.