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Your time is valuable. We know this. And once you decide to adopt, we also know you're eager to get the ball rolling! That's why we've streamlined all of our programs into just one application, easily accessed by clicking here. When you apply to Holt, you open the door to a broad range of services, many of them unique to us:


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Confirm receipt of application Yes check mark  
Guidance on program selection Yes check mark  
Advocate for you to overseas gov't officials Yes check mark  
Online handbook Yes check mark  
Webinars Yes check mark  
Guidance through homestudy Yes check mark  
Parents-in-Process curriculum Yes check mark  
A team of staff for each country program Yes check mark  
Regular communications with program news Yes check mark  
Prompt notification of new SN child files Yes check mark  
Mentor families Yes check mark  
Travel assistance Yes check mark  
Branch office/co-op agency support Yes check mark  
Post-placement & Re-adoption info Yes check mark  
Citizenship information Yes check mark  
Clinical adoption resources and support Yes check mark  
Holt picnics Yes check mark  
Adoptee camps and retreats Yes check mark  
Heritage tours Yes check mark  
Birth search and reunion assistance Yes check mark  
Adult adoptee info and activities Yes check mark  
Newsletters, magazine, blogs Yes check mark  

Upon receiving your application, we will:

Immediately contact you to confirm receipt of your application

and provide instructions about the next steps in the application process, which require that you submit
  • A signed, notarized copy of Holt's International Adoption Services Agreement (IASA)
  • Taxes – copy of page one of your last three years' Federal Income Tax Returns (Form 1040 or 1040A)
  • Photos – These photos may be sent overseas. They need not be professional photos, but must be current and in good quality. Additional photos may be required later by some countries.
    • One 4x6 photo of each of the following
          - Family photo with all family members living in the home
          - The exterior of the home  

Carefully review your application to determine program options.

  • Offer counsel and guidance to help you select a country program that is the best fit for your family.
  • We will contact you right away if we have any questions or need additional information
  • Should any eligibility issues arise, we will work with foreign governments and our overseas partners to fully explore all program options for your family.
  • In some cases, it may make sense to explore more than one country program option. We will help you determine whether this is a good avenue for your family.

Promptly transfer your file to the appropriate country program once it has been approved.

Once we have received all pieces of the application, approval typically takes 3-4 business days.

Provide access to the online handbook for your country program

The handbook provides detailed information on what to expect during every step of the process. From instructions on how to complete every document you'll need, to travel info and post-adoption services, this handbook will likely serve as your consummate adoption resource.

Grant access to the Families-in-Process section of Holt's website

Here you'll find Holt's Hague-approved Parents-in-Process (PIP) education curriculum, blogs – with info on the latest timeframes, travel info, forums, photo albums, and much more

Help you to begin the homestudy and dossier

  • To help us match you with a child, we naturally need to learn more about you! At this stage, we have a social worker in your area contact you to begin your homestudy. During this 2-4 month process, you will work with either a Holt branch office or a trusted Holt partner. Your social worker will help guide you in exploring issues, in-depth, related to being an adoptive family – such as your motivations, concerns and strengths as potential adoptive parents.

  • During this time, you will also gather paperwork that helps your social worker write a homestudy report, and helps you complete your "dossier" – your official application to adopt a child from the country you've chosen. As you gather the needed documents, you'll probably find the handbook especially helpful.

Highly personalized service from country program staff

Whether you're adopting from China, Korea, India or Uganda, each country program has a dedicated team of knowledgeable, experienced staff to help you along the adoption journey – both in the U.S. and overseas.
  • Every month, you'll receive a detailed update on the latest timeframes and other pertinent info so you'll know better what to expect, and how to prepare.

  • Got a question about how to prepare a document for the dossier? Interested in getting more info about your child? Wondering how to prepare for travel? Want to talk to a mentor family? Or do you just need someone to talk to? Just give us a call or send us an email and we'll get right back to you!

  • While Holt staff in the U.S. completes one end of the process, Holt's overseas staff works to ensure your adoption runs smoothly on their end. Holt's overseas staff and partners personally monitor the progress of each family's adoption case. They also provide updates on your child's health and development while still in country, and can often follow-up on questions you may have. When you travel, they strive to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

  • Holt's clinically trained social workers are also available to talk at any stage in the process. Adoption support services they provide include phone consultations, referrals to local service providers, and educational resources to promote a healthy transition and adjustment for you and your child.

Be among the first to hear when Holt receives new child files for children with special needs!

While children with no known health conditions are matched with families by overseas governments, Holt's country program staff are able to directly match children with special needs. Each country program regularly receives new child files. As they come in, we then carefully consider each child's needs and look to our current families-in-process for a potential match.

Branch office/co-op agency support

The homestudy assessment is just one of the many services and resources available through a Holt branch office or co-operating agency. They also provide:
  • Post-placement visits as required for post-placement reporting
  • Pre-and-post adoption preparation and support, including webinars and workshops
  • Info on specialized services in the area such as international adoption clinics, early childhood education centers, counseling, etc.
  • Info on local adoption support groups
  • Special events such as holiday get-togethers, Holt picnics, and more

Post-adoption services

Our commitment to you and your child does not end when you sign your final document and take your child home. In many ways, the best part of our relationship has just begun. We will provide information and resources, support you when you need it, and celebrate with you as your child grows. Here are a few of the many ways to stay engaged with us – your new "extended family" – at Holt:
  • Re-adoption information
  • Help with citizenship questions
  • Clinical adoption resources and support
  • Holt picnics
  • Adoptee camps and retreats
  • Heritage tours
  • Birth search and reunion assistance
  • Adult adoptee information and activities
  • Regular post-adoption services newsletter
  • Webinars on post-adoption topics
  • Share photos and stories to be featured in Holt publications

So what do you say, are you ready to get started?

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